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Monday, 10 October 2016

10 October 2016. Trump Talked Dirty… Bill Acted Dirty… There’s a Difference



With all the brouhaha over Trump’s dirty talk… well, there’s no talk of Bill’s dirty actions, are there? I intend to vote for Dr Jill… but I want justice in this case. If you don’t like what Trump did, then, if all things are equal, you don’t like what Bill did and how Chilly Hilly defended his infidelity and abuse. That speaks volumes of her character… don’t vote for Chilly Hilly, Scary Gary, or Trump the Chump… vote for Dr Jill, the only sane person on the ballot.

Note well that Chilly Hilly’s backers are as silent as fish about Bill’s philandering in the White House… that speaks volumes, too…



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