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Monday, 17 October 2016

17 October 2016. UPDATE. Motorola Killed by Terrorist Bomb in Apartment House Elevator



The official word has it that a bomb placed in an apartment house elevator killed Motorola. Now, that’s a Uniate trademark… in the days of the UPA, the Uniate nationalists preferred murdering people by ambush, they were too cowardly to face the Sovs in standup fighting. This is more of the same. Orthodox people can have nothing to do with Uniate murderers or their “Ukrainian Orthodox” toad allies. The hierarchies of these groups and the clergy support murder and terror… no decent person can associate with such lawless filth. Have a mercy on those who belong to these groups… many were only born into them. What does this tell us about those Orthodox who still associate with the Uniates or their curial enablers? May God see and judge…



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