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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

BREAKING NEWS. Russia and Syria to Halt Airstrikes in Aleppo for 48 Hours

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On Tuesday, Defence Minister S K Shoigu announced that the Russian and Syrian forces halted airstrikes in Aleppo on Tuesday for a 48-hour humanitarian ceasefire. The ceasefire will start ahead of schedule. Earlier, Russian military sources said that they’d halt airstrikes on Thursday, but General Shoigu told us that the ceasefire would start two days early to pave the way for further humanitarian action in Aleppo. General Shoigu expected that nations with sway over anti-government militant groups entrenched in eastern Aleppo would put pressure on them to cease hostilities in return.

18 October




18 October 2016. This is Why I’m Voting for Dr Jill… So Should You!



It’s a slam-dunk no-brainer… compared to the opposition, the only vote that a decent person can cast this year is for Dr Jill. ‘Nuff said…



And Now We Pray: Trump’s Devoted Flock




Here’s another, for good measure…


The Republican presidential candidate isn’t exactly known for being a religious man, but that won’t stop Evangelicals from voting for him. Will Trump’s late night sex tape tweets change their minds? Probably not.

1 October 2016

Ted Rall

Sputnik International



Evangelicals aren’t Christians in the least… that’s why we must oppose loudmouthed slime like Trenham and Damick who want to suck out the inner life from Orthodoxy and replace it with godless Evangelical goo. There’s no common ground between the Church and these theomachistic heretics… no convergence at all. We’ve ordained far too many former Evangelicals without proper vetting and without heed. We’re paying for it now. God willing, we can take care of it. If it were up to me, I’d defrock the lot of them and have good riddance to bad rubbish.


18 October 2016. Press Release of Serbian Western American Diocese in re McKay… Clear It’s an INVOLUNTARY Suspension

Sergei Yolkin. Bees in the Slammer. 2010


A friend was kind enough to send me the actual press release of the diocese about the priest arrested up in Oregon on kiddie sex charges:

Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church

1621 W Garvey Ave

Alhambra CA 91803

Telephone: 626 289-9061

Friday 14 October 2016


Statement from the Western American Diocese Regarding the Arrest of Fr Daniel MacKay

The Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church has been informed that Fr Daniel J MacKay, age 42, was arrested on Wednesday 12 October 2016, in Lane County, Oregon. Fr Daniel was contacted by police and arrested on charges stemming from allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor and possession of a controlled substance. While the criminal proceedings are pending and until the conclusion of ecclesiastical proceedings, Fr Daniel will be suspended from all pastoral duties to which he was assigned. While everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, the Western American Diocese nonetheless takes allegations of misconduct in any form very seriously and must act accordingly to insure the safety and security of all our Orthodox parishioners and others as we conduct our worship and ministries together. Such misconduct is abhorrent and not condoned by the Holy Orthodox Faith. We are deeply concerned and pray for all involved. The Western American Diocese stands ready to cooperate with the civil authorities. Further, anyone who might be, or knows someone that has been, a victim of sexual abuse by a member of the diocesan clergy, church employee, or volunteer should first call the police and then report the matter, confidentially, to the Diocesan ombudsman at 415 930-9069.


In short, the diocese did suspend the priest and made it clear that the cleric had no choice in the matter. This should clear up some of the online speculation on this. Now, it’s in the court’s hands. If the court finds him guilty, the diocese, no doubt, will defrock him. We shouldn’t shun him if he gets slam time… but he’s definitely out of the clergy. My thanks to my interlocutor who made this available to me in its original form.


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