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Monday, 24 October 2016

24 October 2016. Winter is a Comin’ In



The Western sanctions against Russia backfired. Instead of bringing Russia to its knees, all that they did was to wake up Russia and make it determined to outlast the latest outrage from its Western opponents. If you shoot at a bear, it’s best to hit him with the first shot, otherwise, you have one pissed-off and angry beast to deal with. There’s an old Russian proverb:

Before they kill the bear, they divide up the pelt.

That’s an apt description of Anglos, especially, “conservative” filth. They think that they’ve won already. They issue demands as though they’re victors. I’d notice that the Bear is very much alive. He’s not overly happy… he’s been provident and laid supplies in for winter… the only ones hurt by sanctions have been Western farmers and businesses… but the American “liberal” and “conservative” slimers don’t care about that. They get to strut about and boast about how strong and powerful they are! I’d say this… Russians have laid in preserves and stored foods at their dachas, as they always have. Sanctions haven’t hurt ordinary people in the least (the oligarchs did have to give up their imported goodies… poor babies!).

A note on translation… Strano Shary literally means “Country (of) Balls”… I’d rather English it as Balls’ World.



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