Voices from Russia

Sunday, 30 October 2016

30 October 2016. Your Tax Dollars at Work… Syrian Terrorists With Western-Supplied Rockets



Look at the above image. Syrian terrorists are unloading rockets supplied by the West (both USA and NATO are doing this). If you were wondering who’s doing the heavy killing in Aleppo, look no further. Reflect on this… your tax money supports terrorism. The Three Stooges (Clinton, Trump, and Johnson) support American terrorism. Only Jill Stein opposes this. America’s become an utterly fucked-up excuse for a country. It tasers Native grandmas… it sets Mormon terrorists free… it sends rockets to terrorists in Syria… it props up a fascist dictatorship in the Ukraine that murders Orthodox kids. It’s so bad that the one can even say that the Nazis were better. At least, if they found you “Aryan”, you got decent treatment. It’s a stinking morass of sheer and unrelieved evil. Both “liberals” and “conservatives” mouth apologias for it. They all gape in toothless adoration whenever their oligarch masters pass by.




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