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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Kiev’s Sanctions Against Russia Backfire On Ukrainian Economy

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The Ukrainian government fined Russian airline companies over 28 million USD (1.77 billion Roubles. 188.81 million Renminbi. 1.88 billion INR. 37.51 million CAD. 36.85 million AUD. 25.49 million Euros. 22.97 million UK Pounds) for operating flights to the Crimea. Ukrainian aviation authorities issued over 5,000 rulings on violations of the flight ban to Crimea. In particular, it opened over 1,000 fines-related cases against Aeroflot. Recently, the company announced it’d launch Sochi-Simferopol flights next year. At the same time, the agency said that Russian airline companies have not paid a single fine so far. The Crimea reunited with Russia after a referendum in March 2017. Almost 97 percent of the region’s population voted for reunification. The Ukraine, the EU, and the USA didn’t recognise the move and consider it occupied territory. After the referendum, Kiev suspended aerial, railway, and bus transport with the peninsula. In September 2015, Kiev decided to introduce sanctions against Russian airlines operating flights to Crimea. Andrei Suzdaltsev, the deputy head of the Faculty of World Economic and International Relations at the Moscow-based Higher School of Economics told us:

The Ukraine damages its own economy by acting economically against Russia. The Ukraine punishes itself severely and for the long-term. The situation is dangerous for Kiev. Currently, the country is struggling to receive money and investments. The Ukrainian economy badly needs money. However, the best indicator of the Ukrainian business climate is relations with Russia. Russia is the main market for the Ukraine. The idea was that the Ukraine would turn to the West, but use Russian money, resources, and energy supplies. Now, Kiev appears to be punishing itself with its anti-Russian economic moves. The situation over control of the Crimean skies is madness. It’s a very touchy problem… who controls the sky over the Crimea? In fact, Russia is in charge because the Crimea is part of Russia. The West unofficially admits this because no one wants to have an uncontrolled airspace, but the actual situation is madness. There’s a special agency in the Ukraine on Crimean issues. It tracks each flight to the peninsula. The Ukraine complains non-stop. Sometimes, the situation turns into a joke. Kiev imposed sanctions on companies constructing the Russian bridge to the Crimea. These sanctions have nothing to do with aerial communication.

30 October 2016

Sputnik International



The Ukraine is Cloud-Cuckoo Land in the flesh. There’s little food on the shelves… the power flickers on and off… there’s been no hot water for months… but the oligarchs and perfumed nationalists all have mansions, armed flunkies, and money in foreign banks. Of course, it’s unstable in the extreme… Porky had best have a good bolthole. The USA won’t pull his fat out of the fire. He’ll end either dead or as a fixture at Bound Brook or Toronto banquets of Galician diehards. I hope that Russia liberates Kiev soon… it’ll put an end to the suffering of the ordinary people. Mark it well that the Galician Uniate and “Ukrainian Orthodox” loudmouths don’t care about the ordinary people’s suffering… they have their “Ukraine”… thank God that it’s not long for this world…



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