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Saturday, 5 November 2016

5 November 2016. Whose Interests Does the Armed State Serve? YOU Can Do Something About It…



A friend of mine posted this on FB:

I was reading the other day about how in 1851 300 soldiers and federal marshals escorted a single escaped slave from the courthouse in Boston to the Boston Navy Yard so that they could return him to his master. The overwhelming use of force by the State in the service of moneyed interests… nothing much has changed.

Look at what’s happening at Standing Rock. Nothing much has changed… the armed state serves the interests of the oligarchs. This is why you can’t vote for any of the Three Stooges (Clinton, Trump, or Johnson). Vote Stein… remember, the MSM told you that Corbyn was going to be defeated in a landslide. The opposite happened. It IS in our hands… vote…

Stein/Baraka… yes, we can!



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