Voices from Russia

Monday, 7 November 2016

7 November 2016. Why Hillary Is Silent On Standing Rock



Hillary is a bought n’ paid-for whore of Wall Street. That’s why she refuses to condemn the police tyranny at Standing Rock. As a tool of the oligarchs, she sees the government as an apparat to suppress any dissent from the desires of the Moneyed Class. The Standing Rock protestors discomfit the Corporatists, so, in their view, they must be beaten down. Hillary smiles her approval of the police-state tactics now in use there. She counts on the Oligarch Media and sleazy operatives as James Carville to get into power. However, Lenin was right… we can use the mechanism of bourgeois democracy to put people’s candidates in power. If you vote for the Three Stooges… Chilly Hilly, Scary Gary, and Scary Gary… you vote for chains and oppression. ALL OF THEM ARE WILLING DOGS OF THE POWERS-THAT-BE. ALL OF THEM. You can vote for Dr Jill and Ajamu… you can mark your ballot for Stein/Baraka. I fear that if any of the Three Stooges get in, we’ll get a repeat of the late 40s/early 50s Red Scare… they’ll demonise and lie… just as they did then.

Vote for Dr Jill… after all, we’re still free (up to a point)…



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