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Thursday, 10 November 2016

10 November 2016. I Had A Feeling that Hilly Was a Loser…

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I knew that Hilly was in trouble when her amoral stooge Carville ranted on TV and blamed the KGB for her woes. The KGB! That’s been dead and buried these last 25 years… as dead as Marley’s Ghost. I also noted a stridency in the Hilly Billys. They were particularly nasty, especially, in Green venues (indeed). Then, the American stooge Saakashvili suddenly skipped Dodge, resigning his positions, castigating the American-installed junta in the Ukraine (don’t forget, Hilly’s disciple Nuland planned and carried out the  Maidan coup against the legit Ukrainian government). In short, I don’t believe that Hilly EVER had a chance… she’s that unpopular in most parts of the country. However, the oligarchy thought that they could steal the election the same way that they stole the primaries. It didn’t work. Elections are in the hands of local boards, and Hilly is a hated figure in most parts, so, to be frank, they wouldn’t coöperate in loading the dice for Hilly. Let’s be frank… Trump is many things… but one thing is sure. He won’t take the world to the brink of war. He’s a Berlusconi… brash, arrogant, a bit smug, an attention hound, and self-centred, but not a focused warmongering prig like Hilly. She truly hates all her opponents and all those that she imagines are her opponents. I wonder why so many who had dirt on her conveniently died of one thing or another? We’ll never know, will we? Dead men do NOT tell tales…

Trump may do many things, but he won’t engulf the world in war over imagined slights. The Bush/Clinton oligarchy is over after 28 years of misrule. It’s been one unbroken reign of despotism and terror. The same thugs have run the show from that point forward. There is only one thing certain… the Establishment is now on the outs. Will they take it lying down? That remains to be seen…



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