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Thursday, 10 November 2016

10 November 2016. Some Final Thoughts on Our Pet’s Death

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Death came on silent cat’s paws for our Moo. At the end, she rested quietly, then, she shuddered, made a protesting noise… then, she was gone. For 11 years, she was part of my life. We laid her to rest in the countryside… I carried her in her little cat-bed, surprisingly light (she had lost much weight… the cause of death was probably cat cancer). We wanted her to be with the other animals… to be part of the nature that she came from. I wept. I still grieve… perhaps, that’s why I’ve had some writer’s block. It’s time to move on… but I’ll never forget how her little life interacted with ours. The animals aren’t human… but they’re God’s creatures. As a friend of mine who works at the MDA wrote me:

All of us take part in the Symphony of Creation. Humans, animals, plants, and inanimate objects all are God’s Creation. We all join in a shared prayer to our common Creator. Mind you, this isn’t the teaching of the Church… it’s my opinion, nothing more. However, do remember the Apostle’s words… “Love God, and do what you will”. I believe that the animals will share Paradise with us. Again, this isn’t a teaching of the Church… but there’s actually little that the Church does mandate. Our Church is the freest Church… we make the least demands in the way of juridical demands on believers. Don’t let the loud rigorists get you down… we have them too. They’re an irritant… nothing more. My sympathies to you on your loss. Know that the God who created your Moo Cat will show mercy on her.

I can’t put it any better. Goodbye, Moo… Mommy loved you…



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