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Thursday, 10 November 2016

A View From the Land of Oz on Trump

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I called it months ago. I’ll call it now. The Big Orange Cunt is gonna win. All the pundits didn’t get it. Many of my close friends, whose intelligence I respect, didn’t get it. Now, they owe me money and grog. This isn’t about Americans being stupid. People who say that are only bolstering their own egos because they think that people who voted for Trump are stupid. People who voted for Trump aren’t stupid. They’re smart enough to know that Clinton is a monster. Clinton is more of the same. More of the same is shit. They don’t want to eat that shit anymore. Trump promised to change it all. For good or ill, I reckon he will. He’ll make nice with Russia, as he should. I hope that he’ll stop waging insane and endless wars with the Middle East. The markets will shit themselves, but they’ll recover, as they did after Brexit. This isn’t about it now being OK to abuse women. This is about kicking those insane liberals who love Clinton like junkies love smack, right in the face. Pieces of Political Correct, world-crushing, spirit-eating trash. Fuck you all. I hope you kill yourselves. Clinton is a fucking nightmare. She always has been. Do some research. To have her running America is simply unthinkable. She’s human garbage… a person so utterly consumed with power it eats her, as Julian Assange stated. The national vote is his. The senate is his. It’s done. Get over it.

8 November 2016

Boris Mihailovic



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