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Friday, 11 November 2016

11 November 2016. A Look Back at the Past Days…



I voted Green. At age 62, I’m supposed to set a good example. I did. I voted my conscience… as should all of us. Do be careful with “pro-life”… it’s brought a great deal of evil into the Church. All too many who profess it are rightwing warmongers and bankster-loving reactionaries. It’s not a dealbreaker… look at the WHOLE package… that’s why I voted for Dr Jill. Interesting, the only veteran on any ticket was on the Green line… all the others were loudmouthed cowards who refused to serve. I’d like to see the Greens become an American analogue of the NDP. Give it some time. There are serious flaws in the Duopoly not addressed by the election.

Trump’s victory wasn’t a victory for “conservatism” of any sort. His supporters were a hodgepodge miscellany without a common agenda. The Evangelicals want a “moral” America without abortion, open homosexuals, or “sin”… they won’t get that. The racists want a country without Muslims or Mexicans… they won’t get that. The white working-class wants to see the Upper Middles humbled… they won’t get that (the UMs are too useful to the One Percent and to the government apparat). The gun nutters want all gun regulation dropped… they won’t get that. Business interests want environmental agencies scrapped… they won’t get that. Donald Trump didn’t get to be a billionaire by being imprudent or silly.

Remember, Trump’s victory was a revolt against neoliberalism. If he doesn’t deliver… so, expect “interesting times”, but not a world as imagined by the various nutters. Stay tuned…



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