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Friday, 11 November 2016

We’ll Continue to Resist the “Empire”

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We’re all still in shock and disbelief from Tuesday night’s election returns. The Stein/Baraka campaign stands in solidarity with you in your grief. We stand with you in your mourning… and we’ll stand AGAINST the rise of right-wing extremism in our nation. Yesterday, Dr Jill had this to say:

We don’t consent to empire. We don’t consent to racism. We don’t consent to austerity. We don’t consent to the prison industrial complex or a security state. We don’t consent to a generation locked in debt. We don’t consent to destruction of our climate, our environment, or the basic premise of racial justice. We call for peaceful, nonviolent revolution by the ordinary people.

Vice Presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka said:

We stand in solidarity with the communities that have suffered from harassment, voter suppression, and now the trauma of a Donald Trump victory and what it represents. The only answer to rightwing extremism is to build alternative power; a principled and strong movement that expresses and agitates for the needs of the American people.

David Cobb, Stein/Baraka campaign manager said:

Don’t mourn… ORGANISE. We don’t consent to Donald Trump and rightwing rule, and we don’t consent to the establishment of corporate rule that got us here. Principled liberals and principled conservatives were shut out of this terrible election. The Green Party is prepared to be an instrument for popular power, and a new politics of integrity that must rise up and replace this rotten two-party system.

According to polls in the New York Times, this election “repulsed” fully 80 percent of American voters… with good reason. Not only did the powers-that-be sabotage Bernie Sanders, but thanks to Wikileaks, we know that they actively worked with corporate media to elevate Donald Trump as a “Pied Piper Candidate” to encourage the most extreme elements of the Republican Party. “Despicable” seems to be too generous a word for these actions.

As the Green Party, we’re the political arm of this continuing peaceful revolutionary social movement. Our democracy demands we fight on in defence of our values. Fighting for what’s right is always worth it… there is much more work to do. Green Party activists are hitting the ground running by organising and calling for actions against harmful policies, as well as for much needed reforms to the political system. We call immediately for direct actions against the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the lame duck session, for which we expect Donald Trump to come out in full support. We already have plans in place to mobilise against it! We’re also co-organising for “Occupy the Inauguration” demonstrations on 20/21 January (the anniversary of Citizens United). Nothing has changed for us. Nothing has changed about our leftist party-building directives. We were going to have to fight either way, and resist “empire” no matter what. We thank you for being the engine of this revolution and we are with you on this team. We will continue to carry on. More than one million people stood up for what they knew was right and voted for the Green Party. That’s three times more votes than Jill garnered in her 2012 run. Our movement is growing… this is the beginning, not the end. We won’t mourn forever… we’ll organise. There’s much to be done…


10 November 2016

Gloria Mattera

Stein/Baraka 2016 Campaign Chairman

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