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Saturday, 12 November 2016

12 November 2016. An Iranian View of the Late Election

00 USA Iran. 19.06.13


Part of it is because Clinton gravitates towards Israel and Saudi Arabia. Trump might not have a smile for Iran, but he doesn’t have too many smiles for Israel and Saudi Arabia either. Iran considers this a gift. Clinton bares her teeth when it comes to Iran. In fact, [the hardliners] say that although Trump isn’t our friend, he isn’t a friend of Israel and the Arabs either. However, Clinton is our enemies’ friend. The second reason is that the Russians welcome a Trump victory and have done everything in their power to ensure his victory. Putin showed that he’d dislike a Clinton victory and showed his pleasure at [the prospect of] a Trump victory. Iran is a Russian ally and we’ve practically tied our foreign policy to that of Russia. Therefore, if the Russians say Trump is good, we too, say Trump is good. The third reason is that, in the past, the Iranian government was able to come to certain secret agreements with the Republicans. Under President Reagan, there was the Robert McFarland [Iran-Contra] affair, when Iran accepted arms in exchange for the freedom of American hostages [held by Hizbullah in Lebanon]. Things were on track until Lebanese revolutionaries… who weren’t happy with the USA-Iran bargain… revealed the affair and Rafsanjani [who was Speaker of Parliament at the time] had to pull the plug on it.

During George W Bush’s presidency, when the Americans attacked the Taliban and Saddam’s Iraq, in both cases we gave a green light and came to unwritten unannounced agreements with the Republicans. We gave them flyover rights and they granted us other concessions. Therefore, experience taught the Islamic Republic that, with the Democrats, whatever we do must be public, like the nuclear negotiations. On the contrary, with the Republicans, we understand each other better; we can come to secret agreements with them over Lebanon, Syria, etc. These three factors combined make the hardliners want Trump to win.



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