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Saturday, 12 November 2016

12 November 2016. They All Had Faces…



These four Hizbullah soldiers were amongst those killed in the battle to liberate Aleppo from American-supplied terrorists. The war in Syria drags on as the USA supplies arms to the Syrian terrorists, either directly through the CIA or Defence Department or indirectly through the KSA and the Gulf kleptocracies. Whatever the route, the USA has done its best to keep the situation roiled and dangerous. These Hizbullah soldiers paid the price for that American aggression. Remember them and their sacrifice… and why they fought… to ensure a homeland free of foreign aggression and intrigue.

Keep these men and their sacrificial courage in mind as you hear anti-Muslim rants from the usual sources. Stand up for your fellow citizens maligned on account of their religion. Otherwise, you have no right to call yourself an “American”… nor would you have the right to call yourself “Christian”. Do reflect on that…


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