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Saturday, 12 November 2016

12 November 2016. Will the USA Stop Supporting the Galician Uniate Fascists?



Now that Donald Trump has won the White House, many in Russia and the Peoples Republics (and in the Ukraine, too) believe that the USA will stop supporting the Galician Uniate fascists and their war in Novorossiya. I’ll believe that when I see it. For many years, the Galician Uniate (and “Ukrainian Orthodox”) diaspora has supported the Hard Right in the Republican Party and they’ve gained a veto over American propaganda programmes in the CIA such as the so-called “Radio Liberty” (that is, Potapov was a running dog of the Uniates and had to suck up to them and their agenda). They’ve also expended much effort in infiltrating American and Canadian government agencies involved in Russian affairs. Ergo, there’s every chance that the plug-uglies will end with some sort of support from friendly elements in the US and Canadian governments. They may indeed lose support for the war in Novorossiya… they may indeed lose support for the present junta squatting in Kiev… however, the USA and Canada wouldn’t let them go down the chute completely. Watch for the USA and Canada to try to hold Galicia (that is, the pre-1914 Habsburg territory) for the nationalists… of course, the Poles might get to Lvov first… if that happens, all bets are off…



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