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Saturday, 12 November 2016

World Heaves Sigh of Relief

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Shall he end the wars? We’ll have to see…


Certainly, Donald Trump’s election as the 45th US President sent shockwaves around the world, but perhaps the uppermost sense is one of huge relief that he kept Hillary Clinton out of the White House. For most ordinary citizens around the world, Clinton, her multi-billion-dollar election campaign, and the fawning corporate media coverage represented everything that they perceived as fundamentally wrong in Western politics. Her cronyism went so far that she wouldn’t hesitate to start a world war with Russia, or whoever, to appease her corporate sponsors and indulge her deluded notion of “exceptional liberalism”. Trump’s stunning victory is a victory for common people and common sense. Despite the Western media’s systematic shielding of Clinton from criticism, a good number of ordinary Americans and other nationals around the world could clearly see her irredeemable flaws. She’s a self-enriching puppet for Big Finance and the military-industrial complex. What’s more, as her email scandal shows, she’s a consummate liar on top of that.

Donald Trump is a billionaire property tycoon with a big mouth and uncouth manner. He’s never held an elected office before. It’s unprecedented that he should become President of the USA. Will he really “make America great again”? Will he really deliver on massive infrastructure investments to regenerate impoverished working-class communities across America? We don’t know if he’s just an opportunist conman, or if he really does have a humble heart to reach out to all the “forgotten people” that he speaks about. One can hope. However, one thing’s for sure. Trump isn’t a warmonger. Additionally, he doesn’t seem to be a puppet that one can push around. In one of the live TV debates with Clinton during the campaign, Trump surprised many viewers when he said, apparently sincerely, that he’d never commit a first-strike nuclear attack against any nation. It took a lot of guts and moral integrity to say that. Clinton didn’t answer the question, but her record as Secretary of State showed that she has no hesitation about launching illegal wars and murdering foreign heads of state.

Trump has also spoken several times about restoring friendly relations with America’s biggest nuclear rival Russia. He took a lot of heat for that from the Clinton campaign and the biased US media, who accused him of being a “stooge” for President Putin. To his credit, Trump didn’t cave in to the anachronistic “Russian baiting”, which has been a staple of American politics for decades. During his acceptance speech as President-elect, Trump repeated his oft-mentioned desire for the USA to base its foreign relations on “partnership” instead of “hostility and conflict”. Notably, Putin was one of the first world leaders to congratulate Trump on winning the White House. Reciprocating goodwill, Putin said that he hoped to work with Trump so that Russia and the USA can “restore relations from their current critical condition”.

Surely, this is the point. To replace outmoded ideological stereotypes and animosity with a pragmatic mutual respect to coöperate. Russia and its leadership aren’t the enemy of the USA, Europe, or the rest of the world… unless you’re a terrorist network seeking illicit régime change. The people who demonised Russia are ideologues in Washington and their surrogates among European governments and the Western corporate media. That negative image of Russia doesn’t match reality as ordinary people perceive it, including many ordinary Americans. Russia didn’t destabilise the Ukraine. It didn’t annex the Crimea. Russia wasn’t involved in shooting down a civilian airliner. It isn’t massacring civilians in Syria. In Syria, it is helping a sovereign state defeat terrorist mercenary elements in an American-sponsored covert war for régime change. Russia isn’t a sports-drug pariah. It isn’t hacking computer systems nor subverting foreign democracies. These are all just false ideological constructs manufactured by the Western establishment and its subservient media. Ordinary citizens around the world, especially those in the USA, know that. Their real-world concerns are dealing with poverty, unemployment, and crumbling societies. This stuff about “Putin being the new Hitler” and “threatening the free world” is just so much baloney.

Maybe, because Trump isn’t a career politician or a Washington insider, he knows all that too. Besides, he knows that the Establishment isn’t listening to ordinary Americans. That’s why Trump’s victory comes as such a shock. The political class was so wrong on almost every issue, whether it was the Brexit and discontent with the EU, or foreign relations with Russia, or Trump’s chances of winning the presidency. The Western political class got it so wrong on so many issues because it’s divorced from reality as it affects most people. It’s aloof, elitist, out of touch, and undemocratic. Yet, this Western ruling class, as embodied by Hillary Clinton, would be ready to start more wars around the world than they already have, based on their own twisted self-serving logic. Consider these figures just released by the Pentagon. Under President Obama… who was an advocate for Clinton… American arms exports to Saudi Arabia and other Mideast despots are double the amount under George W Bush. This weapons supply has gone towards arming jihadi terror groups. Clinton approved of this arms bazaar for terrorists when she was in office as part of Washington’s régime-change schemes. In spite of that, people like Obama and Clinton spout all sorts of “humanitarian” and “moralistic” mumbo-jumbo. They’re liars. What’s more, they’re the most cynical of corrupt politicians. They’re the very breed of politician-puppets that ordinary decent people around the world have come to despise.

Trump, for all his personal flaws, is in a different category. He’s astute enough to know that the pain of ordinary citizens stems from a badly broken economic system. Can an arch-capitalist like Trump fix chronic capitalism? It’s doubtful, unless he radically shifts to a new form of socialist policy, but the main good thing about Trump is that he’s a pragmatist who (at least) appears to be on the side of ordinary people and on the side of restoring peaceful relations with other nations, Russia in particular. The primary groups of people dejected about Trump are the American/European political class and their media echo chambers. It’s notable that Merkel in Germany and Hollande in France both affected an air of disapproval over Trump’s victory…unlike Putin who magnanimously congratulated him. Hollande said he’d be “vigilant” in his future dealings with Trump. What’s he talking about? That’s why the people will kick out Merkel and Hollande in forthcoming elections. Like Obama, Clinton, and the American establishment, the pro-US European ruling parties are so out of touch with reality. The demonisation of Russia reflects how disconnected the Western political class are from their own people. Ordinary people around the world want jobs, prosperity, and peace. They know they can’t afford futile hostilities with Russia, as their rulers tried to foist upon them, whilst urgent social needs go neglected. Crazy as it may seem, Trump’s win may be a chance for the USA to redeem itself. Consequently, the world may heave a huge sigh of relief.

9 November 2016

Finian Cunningham

Sputnik International



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