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Sunday, 20 November 2016

20 November 2016. Straight Talk on Hilly



I need add nothing…



20 November 2016. From the Russian Web…



The animals are God’s creatures, too…


20 November 2016. Today is HH’s Birthday… He’s 70… На многая лета!

04a Kirill and Zyuganov

HH chatting with his good friend Comrade Zyuganov… just think, Potapov and Whiteford have to commemorate Red Kirill at EVERY LITURGY! What a laugh! God does exist… and He has a wicked sense of humour…


Today is HH’s birthday… he’s 70. One of the people invited to the shindig was Tikhon Mollard. Mollard got tons more (and better) attention from HH than Fatso ever got. Of course, Mollard isn’t really the head of an autocephalous Local Church… everybody knows that the OCA is a Stepin Fetchit dependency of the Centre. HH still looks hale and hearty… he’s got another good ten years in him, if anything. I’ll say this… if you want to cross Kirill Mikhailovich, you’d best get up early and you’d best succeed on the first try… just sayin’…


20 November 2016. Do You Want Superman’s America or Donald Trump’s America?



The recent appointments of Donald Trump are alienating many prepared to cut him some slack and give him a break. He’s appointing Washington insiders, neocons, and flat-out racists… even if he provides a sane foreign policy, shall it be at the cost of an authoritarian and bigoted domestic policy? I seem to recall a school book of mine in the 3rd or 4th grade… it had a story about a DP family and how people shunned them for their differences… but one person stood up and changed the town’s mind. That was the 1960s… we didn’t foresee Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama… a steadily descending and ever-worsening spiral of badness, laissez-faire brutality, and heedless cruelty… from Reagan onwards, money and power were everything. After the breaking of PATCO, American freedom began eroding… the rich seized ever-more power and money. Now, America’s elected a president on a pure platform of hate. Yes… I know that he’s reputed to change foreign policy (although his appointments tend to indicate the opposite, frankly speaking)… but it’s at the expense of hate given full-reign here.

This image dates from 1950… I’d say that our country has deteriorated… mostly, due to so-called “conservatives” and “liberals” who donned “conservative” clothing. Reflect on that… we have a country to win back…

By the way, I follow Superman, not Trump’s rancid clan… was there any question of that?


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