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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Never Share Personal Info with Cats

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80 percent of cats post personal info about their owners on social media. Never share personal info with cats. Check to see if your cat has a Facebook account.

23 November 2016

Graham Andrew Johnson


24 November 2016. From the Russian Web… It’s Just Another Ordinary Day in the Rodina



24 November 2016. If You Want HONEST Elections… This Is What You Do



There’s much brouhaha over “hacked” voting machines in the USA. Let’s keep it simple. Let’s do what the Europeans do… use paper ballots deposited in clear boxes. The officials carry in the empty clear boxes under observation, and poll-watchers keep an eye on them the entire time of the election. No… it doesn’t eliminate fraud, but it sure does minimise it. All of Europe uses this system… including Russia and Belarus. To think that Russia and Belarus use a more-honest and more-transparent system than the “exceptional” and “indispensable” USA… oh, the humanity!


24 November 2016. Don’t Worry If You Don’t Fit In



I saw this meme circulating on the web and knew that I could do better and spiff it up…


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