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Saturday, 26 November 2016

26 November 2016. A Thought from HH…



When one sees what’s happening at Standing Rock, it’s clear that the oligarchs and their political puppets have no solidarity with the Native peoples protesting the pipeline. Indeed, the passion of sinful greed motivates the pipeline builders, it fills them with the desire to run roughshod over all those who stand in the way of their amassing more filthy lucre. Look at how they treat their fellow human beings! Their brutality and cruelty are on display for all to see… to think that many of those wielding the club in the name of Almighty Mammon fancy themselves Christians. HH is correct… you can see why he prefers the company of Comrades Zyuganov and Castro to the diseased and perverted company of the Republican Party and its oligarch puppeteers. Yes… your political outlook does affect your eternal destiny… do think on that, for that is what HH is pointing up here.



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