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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Ivan Melnikov: “We Should Immortalise Castro’s Memory in Russia”

04d Bartholomew with Fidel


I believe that Russian-Cuban relations will remain stable, for even though Comrade Fidel has passed on, his senior and younger colleagues will continue his cause and keep it alive. Castro lived a legendary and great life. He loved our country and people, so we should immortalise Castro’s memory in Russia. It’s still hard to accept it, but the inevitable happened… nonetheless, the heart finds it difficult to acknowledge it. I express profound and sincere condolences to the Cuban people. Future generations will study Castro’s legacy and it’ll inspire them. For me personally, this is immortality in the best sense of the word. This is a huge and irreplaceable loss… Fidel’s contribution to the development of humanity, the course of history, and the socialist outlook was similar to such influential figures as Marx, Lenin, Stalin, José Martí, and Che Guevara. I repeatedly met with Castro; I always thought that he was a model and an example in politics. He was a symbol of the 20th century, a symbol of devotion to the ideas of resistance and struggle, a devotion crowned with success. Despite his many years in power, he never for a moment lost communication with his people. Despite his age, until the last days he kept both depth and sharpness in his thought.

26 November 2016

Ivan Melnikov

First Deputy Chairman of the TsK KPRF

First Vice-Chairman of the RF Gosduma


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