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Sunday, 4 December 2016

4 December 2016. George Galloway on Comrade Fidel



Fidel Castro didn’t die. He isn’t dead; he lives-on in all of us, and in the lives of our children, even those yet unborn. That’s why these gold-toothed scar faces are dancing in Miami today, because they think that they’ll be going back to business as it was before. The greatest legacy of Fidel Castro is that Cuba will never ever again be anybody’s casino, anybody’s bordello. It is a free country, thanks to the Cuban revolution and its leader Fidel Castro, one of the greatest human beings who ever lived, who ever walked this earth. We were privileged to live in his era. Some of us were privileged to be his comrade and friend and to spend many hours with him. He isn’t gone. Hasta la victoria siempre, Comandante Fidel Castro! Presente!

George Galloway

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