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Sunday, 4 December 2016

4 December 2016. Our Church Is NOT “Conservative”

00 metropolitan mark golovkov of ryazan 270116

Metropolitan Mark Golovkov mopping hospital floors as his “offering” to society… note well that rightwing loudmouths such as Paffhausen did NOT do likewise…


00 Patriarch kirill. Alexis Tsipras. moscow 02. 10.04.15

HH showing where his political windsock points… he’s welcoming Comrade Tsipras… HH does NOT associate with rightwing “conservative” filth


Too many (lay and clergy) have sold out to Mammon (the Republican Party). The MP just issued a paper on neoliberalism (“conservatism” in the USA), globalism, and the “Free Market”… it condemned them as evil ideologies. Our clergy have to abjure all ties with anti-Christian political movements and with sects (such as Evangelicals)… otherwise, they’re the world’s men, not Christ’s men. Only then can they act as true leaders and healers (like His Holiness, who throws parties for the homeless on his birthday… or like Metropolitan Mark Golokov, who mops hospital floors as his contribution to society). There’s much more to it than just not endorsing this or that candidate. A priest has to uphold a righteous social order… which neoliberalism isn’t.

We have to disavow liars and perverters of Church doctrine such as Josiah Trenham. He teaches that artificial contraception is sinful. NO LOCAL CHURCH TEACHES THIS. NONE. ALL Local Churches teach that artificial contraception is licit via oikonomia, and is preferable to abortion. However, Mr Trenham not only holds to his rebellious stance, he uses “Ancient Faith Radio” to broadcast his filthy perversions to the believers. Note well that ALL of the “pro-life” poseurs in the USA support the death penalty. All recent papers on the subject from the Mother Church are unanimous… the death penalty is immoral and the state should use it only in the most pressing circumstances (unlike Texas, where godless “Evangelicals” rule). In history, Russia used the death penalty much less than Western Europe did… Tsar Aleksandr Aleksandrovich routinely commuted all death sentences to 12 years at hard labour, except for crimes against the state. Why did the early commies use it so much? Firstly, they were in a hard situation… the Whites proved just as trigger-happy. Secondly, they used a Western ideology, where the death penalty was more acceptable. The Church has always stood against the death penalty… the Westerns burned heretics at the stake… the ONLY time that happened amongst us was the case of Fr Avvakum Petrov, the Old Ritualist fanatic. In his situation, the local secular officials were copying what they saw in Western Europe… it wasn’t what the Church wanted (the Church wanted him sent to a monastery in Solovki).

Yet, does the existence of these Far Right nutters mean that we must leave the Church? As the late Archbishop Antony Bartoshevich said when a younger priest recounted the latest nuttery afoot in the Church, “Yes… what you say is true. However, where do we go, if not here?” I agree with Vladyki Antony… all the horror stories ARE true… but where does one go, if not here? Christ’s Church isn’t a child’s playground or fairy-tale. It’s for real… and real things aren’t consistent or rational at times. Don’t let the “conservative” loudmouths get you down. HH is on OUR side. Look at the humorous side of it all… Whiteford and Potapov have to commemorate Kirill the Red at every liturgy, and Dreher has to accept that the Church doesn’t bless his “conservative” bloviations and fantasies. As a friend at the MDA wrote me:

We have loud rightwingers, too. Ignore them… they’re marginal. The Church is what She was ever was… they’ll either grow up or leave us. Leave them be.

I think that great advice. I wish that I’d have thought of it… but I didn’t. Keep faith in Christ and His Church. The loudmouths will either reform or leave. I agree with my friend, “Leave them be”… by the way, don’t post links to their shit, for all that does is give the idiots “click bait”, and you’ll end up helping them (I kid you not). Let them rot in their self-centred perversion. It DOES take all kinds, but one doesn’t have to agree with them or tolerate them in the name of “Christianity”. Keep on keepin’ on and keep your eyes on the REAL prize.

The Church incarnates Christ… not Ayn Rand and Ronald Reagan… never forget that…



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