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Sunday, 4 December 2016

4 December 2016. Which Side Are YOU On?



Our Holy Patriarch calls on us to defend the Christian communities of the Middle East. Do note that the American Establishment and its flunkies are against that. Sadly, we have Quislings amongst us in diaspora Orthodoxy… Potapov was/is a propagandist for the CIA, Paffhausen is an apologist for the neocons, the Kishkovsky duo (father/daughter) are in the MSM and in the Think Tank Apparat (I don’t count people like Whiteford, he’s just a clueless and ignorant Yahoo, best ignored)… however, we shouldn’t follow their toxic example. We can follow HH, not deluded narcissists who’ve sold out for filthy lucre or for a seat at the Establishment’s High Table. I’m with HH… I seem to think that many of you reading this agree with me.

I support Aleppo’s liberation from terrorist hands… I’m not alone. As for those who’ve sold out… leave them be in their irrelevance and treachery.



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