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Monday, 5 December 2016

5 December 2016. Trump Isn’t the Antichrist… He’s the Big Kahuna of a Bandit Band

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Most of the stuff out there is incoherent shit. The Trump administration is shaping up to a ragbag miscellany with plenty of holes, not a monolithic whole. Donald likes to incite dispute amongst underlings so that he can be the fixer and final boss. Various politicians have used this tactic… FDR did… Hitler did. It’s not going to be a dictatorship, kids. Trump is Berlusconi, not Hitler. It’s going to be more of a Banana Republic than the Third Reich. Donald is a juvenile brat, not a psychopath. Mostly, he wants people to leave him alone to strut about and boast… that’s why many abroad feel that he’ll stop most adventuring by the neocons (and why many prefer him to Chilly Hilly). Nevertheless… he’s not a fascist… he’s not a Hitler. He’s a self-preening and strutting Mussolini (without Benito’s good points)… he’s a failed casino manager who couldn’t make known cash-cows work. He’s the Big Kahuna of a bandit band… not the Antichrist. It’s going to be bad, but not evil. Keep your wits about you… neither he nor his crowd are the sharpest knives in the drawer.



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