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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Liberation of East Aleppo May be Imminent


Since I arrived in Damascus on Monday, 5 December, there’s been a simmering excitement from all members of society, a sense of impending victory in Aleppo. That anticipation seems satiated tonight, as news is coming in that the Syrian Arab Army is pushing home its advantage and sweeping clean the remaining pockets of terrorist resistance to its advances, supported by their Iranian, Russian, and Hizbullah allies. Today, I met with Mother Agnes Mariam de la Croix in Damascus city centre to discuss her work supporting the Syrian state’s reconciliation projects, which offer all manner of amnesty and rehabilitation for armed militants. During the meeting, Mother Agnes made this statement:

Between Syrians, there are only solutions… no conflict. The conflict comes from outside Syria.

Never has this been more clearly demonstrated than in East Aleppo’s liberation from the NATO/Gulf State-funded multiple gangs of armed insurgents, mercenaries, and terrorists under the command of al-Nusra Front (aka al-Qaeda). This victory isn’t only a military victory; it’s a victory against all forms of NATO/Gulf State terrorism… the crippling economic sanctions, the hostile media campaigns, and the weaponised “humanitarianism” of Western state-funded “NGOs” all received a fatal blow with this liberation of Aleppo.

7 December 2016

Vanessa Beeley



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