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Saturday, 10 December 2016

10 December 2016. The All-Too-Real Cost of Terrorism… And It’s Unrepentant Patrons



US-backed terrorists killed their father, who used to work in this shop in Aleppo, for being pro-Assad. One son joined the Syrian Arab Army to liberate his father’s shop in eastern Aleppo from the terrorists. Reflect on this… Barack Obama applauded the father’s murder… Hillary Clinton applauded the father’s murder… John McCain applauded the father’s murder. They did so through their support of the Islamist terrorists in Syria… through their support of illegitimately sending American soldiers to Syria, in defiance of the legitimate government there, to arm and train the Islamist terrorist oppositionists. The Establishment rants about “terrorism”. I call all such talk hypocrisy and lies. If you want to find terrorists and their unrepentant patrons, I’d observe that you must start with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the Trump Tower. The duopoly has blood on its hands… it’s not sorry or contrite over the lives snuffed out and the grief caused in thousands of families. Ponder that.

American aggression has to end. Now… not later. I will NOT be silent…



Islamists Cornered: Complete Liberation of Aleppo Should Occur “in the Next Few Weeks”



Sergei Rudskoy, chief of the General Staff Main Operational Directorate, said that the Syrian Arab Army now controls 93 percent of Aleppo. Rudskoy said:

Due to its successful advance, [the Syrian Arab Army] freed 52 districts in eastern Aleppo from the jihadists; over the past 4 days, they’ve reduced the territory controlled by militants by one-third. More than 1,000 militants have laid down arms and left eastern Aleppo; the Syrian government granted amnesty to 953 of them.

Speaking to Sputnik, military expert Igor Korotchenko, chief editor of the magazine National Defence, said:

I predict that the complete liberation of Aleppo will happen within days or weeks. The situation in Aleppo for the Syrian government army and the militia is evolving in their favour, so we can talk about a turning point in the fighting. They’ve already liberated a significant part of eastern Aleppo from the terrorists, with civilians returning to their homes. A number of militants laid down their arms and left Aleppo under the guarantees of the Russian Centre for Syrian Reconciliation. Therefore, I think that in the next few days, maybe few weeks, government troops will take full control of Aleppo. That’d put an end to the suffering of civilians under the control of the terrorists. Those militants who continue to offer pointless resistance to the government forces have resorted to the most barbaric methods of warfare. Unfortunately, we see that provocations continue, such as the barbaric bombardment of the Russian mobile military hospital in Aleppo, which left two military medics dead and another wounded. Someone clearly masterminded this barbaric action by the terrorists [beforehand]; the Western countries that support the jihadists, especially the USA, have moral responsibility for it.

Meanwhile, the Russian Centre for Syrian Reconciliation announced that almost 18,000 civilians managed to flee from militant-controlled areas of Aleppo. The centre noted that Russian servicemen cleared about 8 hectares (19.75 acres) of mined areas in Aleppo, removing explosives from 24 buildings, including two schools, two mosques, and an electric power substation. Within the past 24 hours, some 28 militants surrendered.

10 December 2016

Sputnik International


10 December 2016. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Thanking God



“A Syrian Army soldier thanks God after the liberation of his neighbourhood inside the Old City of Aleppo”. This was the original caption on Twitter for this image. Ponder this… the USA wants to OPPOSE men like this and SUPPORT the ISIS Islamist filth. I don’t believe that the USA will succeed in its attempt to topple the Assad secular government and in replacing it with an Islamist dictatorship. Indeed, the failure of that project is clear to all. However, the USA is capable of a false-flag operation using its Special Forces assets (who have special training in such deceptions). Remember, the Anglo motto is, “Winning is the only thing”… their history proves them strangers to honour, civility, and decency. NEVER turn your back on an Anglo… they believe in striking first and then claiming that YOU started the affair. I fear that there’ll be many more killed by the Anglos in Syria… they did bomb Belgrade on Easter Sunday, didn’t they (Hillary Clinton cackled in glee at that… never forget or forgive that, kids)?


American Aggressors Send More Soldiers to Interfere in Syrian Civil War and Train/Arm Islamist Terrorists

00 Ted Rall. A Look Back at Syria. 2012


On Saturday, the AP reported that US Defence Secretary Ash Carter said in Bahrain at the Manama Dialogue conference on Middle East security that the USA would send 200 additional military personnel to Syria, including Special Forces trainers, advisers, and explosive ordnance disposal teams:

These uniquely skilled operators will join the 300 US special operations forces already in Syria, to continue organising, training, equipping, and otherwise enabling capable motivated local forces to take the fight to ISIL {that is, they’ll train ISIS to attack Russian, Iranian, Hizbullah, and Syrian patriot forces… what a lying sack o’ shit: editor}. By combining our capabilities with those of our local partners, we’ve been squeezing ISIL by applying simultaneous pressure from all sides and across domains, through a series of deliberate actions to continue to build momentum {another lie… don’t forget, ISIS gunners shot down Russian and Syrian aircraft with US-supplied missiles… dontcha just love doublespeak: editor}.

10 December 2016




An interesting wrinkle is that the USA has a larger proportion of its forces in “special ops” slots than other nations do. Therefore, the standards for American special operators are lower than they are for forces like the Russian spetsnaz (if the standards were the same, the USA would have far fewer special oppers than it does). This was clear in the fighting for the Donetsk airport… the Cossacks and the local homeboys under Motorola and Givi whipped the American special operators (formally discharged from service, so-called PMC forces; a common tactic for CIA “sterile ops” throughout the world). Supermen, eh? They got sent packing by ordinary guys defending their hearths and homes. The plan was to seize the airport and introduce mercs (actually, American/Polish special oppers disguised as PMC mercs) dressed as junta troops to trample down the Peoples Republics. Didn’t happen… American special oppers aren’t as good as American propaganda claims. The same is true in Syria… despite American aid, ISIS is going down the shitter, as are the so-called “moderate oppositionists”.

This is irresponsible and reckless… it looks like Obama wants to entangle the USA in war before Trump takes over. If you needed proof of American warmongering, here it is.


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