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Saturday, 10 December 2016

10 December 2016. The All-Too-Real Cost of Terrorism… And It’s Unrepentant Patrons



US-backed terrorists killed their father, who used to work in this shop in Aleppo, for being pro-Assad. One son joined the Syrian Arab Army to liberate his father’s shop in eastern Aleppo from the terrorists. Reflect on this… Barack Obama applauded the father’s murder… Hillary Clinton applauded the father’s murder… John McCain applauded the father’s murder. They did so through their support of the Islamist terrorists in Syria… through their support of illegitimately sending American soldiers to Syria, in defiance of the legitimate government there, to arm and train the Islamist terrorist oppositionists. The Establishment rants about “terrorism”. I call all such talk hypocrisy and lies. If you want to find terrorists and their unrepentant patrons, I’d observe that you must start with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the Trump Tower. The duopoly has blood on its hands… it’s not sorry or contrite over the lives snuffed out and the grief caused in thousands of families. Ponder that.

American aggression has to end. Now… not later. I will NOT be silent…



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