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Saturday, 17 December 2016

17 December 2016. BREAKING NEWS Syrian Forces Capture Foreign Minders of Terrorists… American and Israeli May Be Amongst Them

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This story is developing and the details aren’t nailed down yet. However, the Syrian forces captured 14 of the Western/KSA/Gulf minders of the terrorist bands in Aleppo. There may be an American and Israeli amongst them. The Syrian forces surrounded them in a bunker (for more detail, click here). This is a major change from the usual MO in dealing with American captives (or the corpses of dead Yanks)… up to this point, the policy was to hand them over to the Americans quietly (after interrogation, of course). This was so as to not embarrass the “exceptional” Americans overly much… as everyone knows how vicious and cruel Anglos are when they’re vexed, even in very minor ways. This signals a new approach… the Americans are to be held to task at every point, regardless of how “bad” it makes the Anglos feel. In short, no one fears the American Rubber Lion anymore. No one is going to unduly provoke it either, but no one fears it so much that the Yanks have a Get Out of Jail Free card whenever they muck about in sovereign countries without asking permission of the locals. Syria didn’t ask the USA to intervene, ergo, all Americans caught are technically war criminals waging aggressive war as per the Nürnberg standards set after World War II.

Note well the silence of the Western media. I wonder if they’re going to stonewall this or if they’re going to blubber about the Syrians nicking an innocent American? Neither tack is decent or truthful, is it (it speaks volumes of Sophia Kishkovskaya and Rod Dreher, doesn’t it? Both are willing journos in the service of the Western Moloch)? We’ll have to see…


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