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Sunday, 18 December 2016

18 December 2016. On This and On That… A Little Chat with My Readers

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It appears that Facebook “censored” one of my posts. It appears on my page, but not on my timeline. Ergo, it appears that FB wants to limit access to certain news inimical to its Establishment backers. I wonder which of my readers complained… I have no illusions; I know that I have as many enemies as friends out there (both lines are equally long, I’d guess).

Now, as for posting in general, I’m going through a dry spell… it happens. There are some things that I want to post on, but I want to let them mature naturally so that they have the greatest possible impact. I want to state them precisely and with all my ducks in a row. Besides that, I’m waiting on replies from requests for advice and assistance… I don’t feel completely up to posting on some things without some outside guidance and help.

Over the last few months, I’ve upgraded my image-editing software. The old hands know my policy… such stuff is a good aid to spiff up images and remove extraneous scruff, but one never takes a person out of an image or inserts them… nor do you put someone else’s head on a body to fool people into thinking that someone was present when they weren’t. There IS such a thing as cyberethics, as much as it’s unknown to most “conservative” posters (I’m thinking of Whiteford and Dreher here… they’re the most egregious examples in American Orthodoxy).

I’m just resting and getting ready to write some major posts. I’ll be back… and better than ever!



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