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Sunday, 25 December 2016

BREAKING NEWS Nearly All Members of Aleksandrov Ensemble Choir Wiped Out in Sochi Plane Crash

aleksandrov red army chorus


One of the standards of the chorus… a 2016 performance of The Sacred War… performed after Obama and Clinton ranted loud bilious threats against the Rodina (the Repugs are no better, to be frank). Russia gave a proper response… note the patriotic gestures shown by the audience.


Read this. If so, the present chorus of the Aleksandrov Ensemble is no more. All of its members, save for three soloists, died in the crash. God willing, it was an accident. I wouldn’t want it to be an  American-sponsored terakt*. Let’s be frank… Chilly Hilly, McCain, Kerry, Carville, and Obama were all capable and willing to plan such a heinous and despicable act. Don’t forget… Chilly Hilly laughed at the Easter bombing of Belgrade.

Вечная и светлая память!


  • Terakt: Russian acronym for “terrorist action”

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