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Sunday, 25 December 2016

President Putin Declared 26 December National Day of Mourning for Victims of Tu-154 Plane Crash in Sochi



President V V Putin announced that an all-Russia day of mourning will begin on Monday, 26 December, to honour the memory of those who died in the Tu-154 crash over the Black Sea earlier today. Putin vowed that we’d thoroughly investigate the cause of the plane crash. He also told reporters:

Tomorrow will be an all-Russia national day of mourning.

The Minoborony Rossii Tu-154 with 92 people on board crashed in the Black Sea enroute to Syria shortly after refuelling in the resort city of Adler. Most of the passengers were members of the Aleksandrov Ensemble, who were traveling from Moscow to Hmeymim Airbase in Syria to take part in New Year celebrations. Earlier in the day, a source in the security services told RIA Novosti that technical failure or pilot error are possible causes of the crash.

25 December 2016

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