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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Why Hillary Lost…




A friend sent me this without links or attribution. It does point up why Chilly Hilly lost. She didn’t care about real people… she only cared about those who’d fatten her already-bloated boodle bags. She paid for it. The two major candidates were proof that the American political culture is sclerotic and putrid. Both “major parties” are in crisis… neither want to admit this. Indeed, Hilly wants to run again! Anyone who’d welcome that is crackbrained and without a scrap of good-sense. So, read on… the author is right about what happened…



Hillary Clinton visited the city of Flint just one time, 6 March, the day of the CNN primary debate. To her credit, she did bring up the water crisis in Flint. Less than two months later, Obama totally undermined that message when he drank a glass of filtered Flint water on TV. An adult man told people who can’t bathe their children, “Don’t worry, the water’s fine”. Democrats could’ve just camped out in Flint… camped out and made sure everyone knew that Flint lost its clean drinking water to Republican tax cuts. They could’ve used every moment of Republican obstructionism to illustrate that Republicans don’t care whom their policies or their politicking hurt.

The Democrats could’ve campaigned on giving half of all their donations to providing a source of clean water for Flint. I’m sure that contributions would have soared. The Clinton Foundation has a 2 billion USD (122.34 billion Roubles. 13.89 billion Renminbi. 135.67 billion INR. 2.71 billion CAD. 2.79 billion AUD. 1.91 billion Euros. 1.63 billion UK Pounds) endowment. Why didn’t they use some of that money to help Flint? A gift, zero interest loans to the people or the city, perhaps, help Flint set up a bond issuance. Would the Republicans call foul? Maybe. However, the Democrats should’ve relished the opportunity that’d afford them. Moreover, the Clintons have never seemed scared of a little scandal. That one action could have erased all speculation that their scandals were anything but Republican attacks. Nevertheless, they didn’t. Democrats wasted that chance; they chose to go and listen to Katy Perry’s Roar… ignoring the real roar… a real roar of pain from those who lost so much in the last 30 years.

Instead of staying in Flint, instead of addressing those problems, they rushed off to 10,000 USD (611,700 Roubles. 69,450 Renminbi. 678,350 INR. 13,550 CAD. 13,950 AUD. 9,550 Euros. 8,150 UK Pounds) a plate fundraisers, sipping 2,000 USD (122,340 Roubles. 13,890 Renminbi. 135,670 INR. 2,710 CAD. 2,790 AUD. 1,910 Euros. 1,630 UK Pounds) a bottle glasses of champagne, and chatting up the likes of Jay-Z and Beyoncé. The Democrats were seemingly unaware that tens of millions of Americans would struggle to come up with 400 USD (24,468 Roubles. 2,778 Renminbi. 27,134 INR. 542 CAD. 558 AUD. 382 Euros. 326 UK Pounds) in an emergency, the approximate value of the champagne they held in that crystal flute. Imagine how much they left at table after those parties. Leftovers, left behind, a flattened useless waste devoid of effervescence, fit only to be poured out with the trash. Much like the lives of those American left behind by globalisation, much like the lives of those in Flint. After that stop there in the primaries, they ignored Flint. Instead of fixing this disaster and hanging responsibility for it around the neck of every Republican Senator, Congressman, and Presidential candidate, the Clinton campaign chose to court the votes of moderate Republicans, who in the end decided Trump’s racist, sexist, and boorish behaviour was less unpalatable then the potential corruption of Clinton.

How could the campaign not understand that the people of Michigan would see Clinton’s inattention as a signal that she used them for political manipulation? “You have to vote for us! You have no choice. What are you going to do? Vote for the other guy? No!” Wounded and defeated, many chose to stay home. On the other hand, like 90,000 Michigan voters who took the time to go out and vote, they chose to leave the top of the ticket blank. Many Americans are very kind and charitable if confronted with hardship. It is only when we ignore that hardship that we become callous. Hillary Clinton never returned to Flint. Flint is still there, still without clean water, and Flint MI is still America.


Both Obama and Hilly bloviated, “America is great because it is good”… I’d only say, “Tell that to the Standing Rock Sioux and to the families of the murdered children in Novorossiya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Serbia, and Afghanistan”. I need say no more. By the way… the Rethuglicans are none better. They love war, money, and the oligarchs (and spit on ordinary folk) as much, if not more, than the Dems do…

Sic Semper Tyrannis



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