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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

27 December 2016. They All Had Faces… They All Had Names… Recent Performance of the Aleksandrov Ensemble

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The first performance is from 2016 Victory Day. It’s an iconic standard of the Ensemble, The Sacred War. Do note the audience, if you please. The second was an old marching song of the Imperial Army during the First Great Patriotic War against Napoleon. “Who are our fathers? Our fathers are our Russian colonels! Who are our mothers? Our mothers are our little white tents! Who are our wives? Our wives are our loaded guns! Who are our kids? Our kids are our bayonets, bullets, and wadding! Who are our grandpas? Our grandpas are our glorious victories!” The first group of marchers were Suvorovtsy, students at a Suvorov Gymnazia, a military prep school. Drummers from the Moscow Garrison Band and members of the Presidential Guard joined the Ensemble for this song. The soloist, I V Stolyar (Christian name Ivan), died in the plane crash as did most of the musicians in this performance. The director for the performance, Gennady Sachenyuk, wasn’t on the plane. Do note that Stolyar was Rusin in background and that Sachenyuk is a “Ukrainian” name. There is only one Holy Rus and ONE Russian people. Oppose all those who’d break us apart. They all had faces… they all had names. Remember them on the third (28 December), ninth (3 January), and fortieth (3 February) days… we’re Christians; that’s what we do.

By the way… these performances came after some of the more reprehensible outbursts from Hilly and Obama… do note the stress placed on the history of Russian victory… including both Imperial and Red legacies. I need say no more. Remember the dead…

I don’t have a full list of the Christian names of the dead… perhaps, they’re waiting until they notify all families and they confirm that all are dead.



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