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Saturday, 31 December 2016

31 December 2016. Another Gotham Institution Bites the Dust… Carnegie Deli is No More… Owner Mum on How Much Developer Gave Them to Sell-Out



Read this. Let’s cut to the chase… it seems that the place was still making money… a lot of it. However, it seems that the owner wanted to kick back and not work as much. There’s more to this than is immediately apparent. It seems to me that the owner wants to franchise the name and sit back and enjoy the profits. Yet, who outside of NYC knows or cares about a deli knockoff that isn’t the original real deal? Let’s face it… one reason that they could charge 20 bucks a pastrami sandwich was that Woody Allen ate there, along with other B’way notables. That’s not going to to be the case elsewhere. The concept might fly in Vegas… or LA … or at the Garden. Anyplace else? It wouldn’t fly in Peoria (certainly not in Indy, where you can get an awesome pastrami at Shapiro’s for 13 bucks)!

This smells like a big-money deal for the building that it’s in and the owner wanted the bucks more than the business. This wasn’t a death… it was a suicide…



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