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Sunday, 1 January 2017

1 January 2017. A Short Excursus Into PhotoShop Land


The original image



My PhotoShop version


There are many legit uses for digital photo-imaging software. We all know the verboten uses… one doesn’t add or remove pivotal figures (although one can remove minor personages, such as a cameraman). Also, one doesn’t add or remove objects (except for lamps, power lines, birds, or other such miscellanea). In any case, there are telltales that are obvious to any experienced user of such software. Here, we see one of the legit uses… I wanted to show you how I approach image editing (the image is of two female gimnaziya students in the late Imperial period).  I wanted to have a more effective colourisation than the first PhotoShop. Firstly, there was feathering necessary around the main subjects. Then, I poked around with the ambient temperature of the image. I had to lower the master saturation level, but I also had to raise or lower some colour levels. The intent was to achieve the same effect as a handcoloured image of the period.

I don’t have the full PhotoShop suite, as it’s beyond my means. I use a homebrew combination of Corel X9, PhotoShop Elements 15, and Paint.net. It gives me more flexibility and capability than just using Elements alone. It takes longer, but the job gets done, as the results indicate.

I hope that this helps you to understand the creative process and how one goes about it in the digital age. Happy New Year to all of you and your families and friends… may you keep inviting me into your lives. BOTTOMS UP! (glasses, that is… that’s a joke, son… nice kid, but kinda stupid (accent of Foghorn Leghorn))



1 January 2017. Vova on the New Year for America and Americans… It Sure Ain’t the Tantrum from Obama and Chilly Hilly, is It?



Compare the above to the lies and threats emanating from Washington, the mainstream media, the stink-tank industry, the sore losers in the Democratic Party, and the rightwing warhawks (most of whom are cowards who never served in the forces… McCain is the exception that proves the rule). I’d only say, “One of these things is not like the other!” It’s up to you what to believe… choose wisely…

By the way, Orthodox people… Sofiya Kishkovskaya is a media whore (she’s in the NY Times apparat)… Victor Potapov was/is a CIA operative (Radio Liberty is one of its front organisations)… Lyonyo Kishkovsky is a stink-tanker (he’s part of the Committee on Foreign Relations)… sadly, there are more (Dreher and Whiteford don’t count… they’re just loud n’ clueless cheerleaders for the Godless Right, not part of the Evil Empire Apparat as those named are). All too many in our Church are in bed with the Anglo Establishment and its lickspittle minion organisations. Have a care… there’s more than one Vlad Berzansky Jr in the woodwork.

As for me… Ura! to V V Putin… I’m not a mindless fan (he’s just another politician… more honest and competent than most are, but still a pol), but he did the right thing here. If VVP did the right thing and Obama and Chilly Hilly did the wrong thing, what does that tell you about them all? Don’t be quick in answering that one…


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