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Monday, 2 January 2017

2 January 2017. I’m NEVER Going to Do That Again… Until the Next Time…

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01 squalling crybaby


I usually stay out of FB disputes and comments. Well, tonight, I stumbled and fell. Some snot-nosed young idiot from SVS started in on “Marxism”. I shouldn’t have taken the bait… truly, I shouldn’t have. However, one of the comments taught me an old lesson once again… anyone associated with or supportive of SVS is always condescending of those not in that circle, and they get nasty if you disagree with them or their notions. To one, I was a “nutcase” who “didn’t legitimately acquire my information”. Therefore, do resist the urge to comment on their posts and commentary. It’ll be a total waste of time… they won’t listen, all that it’ll do is rile you to no good end, and they always “win”. I learnt my lesson again… at least, for the next year or two. It’s amazing… the youngest ones are the most bullheaded and set in their notions. I wonder… if we were the same way many moons ago (and we probably were), it speaks well of our elders that they didn’t kill us on the spot. I can see that’s the prudent course here… if you see the snotties posting idiocy… leave them be… they won’t listen and it won’t help them. They’re EDUCATED dontcha know… be good and keep it focused. For the kids surely don’t… you can smell their full nappies from here…



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