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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

3 January 2017. Rich Blubber Over Pay Increases… POOR BABIES!

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00 rich man hitting poor man. 26.09.13


Read this. Note well that it’s from Fox News, a pro-oligarch propaganda mouthpiece, not a real news outlet. Listen to the Affluent Effluent poseurs blubber! They’re suffering! They HAVE to raise prices! They HAVE to cut staff! BULLSHIT. The reason that people voted for the pay increase is that the franchises were making big money and there was an unconscionable gap between managers and staff, as far as pay and treatment went (and everyone knew it). Listen to the caterwauling of the well-off. This is the sort of thing that so-called “Pro-Lifers” sympathise with, not with the oppressed workers. That’s why I consider them lower than Republicans are (and Repugs are pretty low). The “Pro-Lifers” line up with the oppressors and aren’t shy about it.

I call that evil… so should you.



3 January 2017. Don’t Argue With the Disputatious… BLOCK THEM

01 virtual reality rubbish dump

Have a care with the overly gnarly… they often have a distorted (if not unrealistic) view of the world. Don’t coddle them… BLOCK THEM…


Recently, a forward sort called me a “nutcase” in his comments. How does one deal with that? Firstly, it shows one that you’re dealing with a juvenile narcissist. Secondly, it’s someone raised without manners or tact, likely indecent (and certainly, unclassy). Don’t argue with such sorts. DON’T. PLEASE, DON’T. Do what I do. BLOCK THEM AND BE DONE WITH THEM. I (and you) have only a limited amount of God-given time… we shouldn’t waste it on boors and self-centred gasbags. Block them and be done. If someone is so badly socialised that they act in such a manner, well, you or I can’t remedy it. The only thing that decent folk can do is to block them and keep them out of one’s life and circle.

I’m going to be 63 my next birthday… I know that some sorts are beyond help. Don’t try to do so… you’ll only frustrate yourself. As I said, block them and be at peace. Be good, all…


In 2017: Occupy. Resist. Build Power.



The 2016 Presidential election has left our nation reeling. Donald Trump’s shock victory is the result of the massive failure of the corporate two-party system, which imposed a whiteout on progressive and independent campaigns whilst producing the most disliked and distrusted major-party candidates in history. This toxic election delivered a uniquely toxic result… rightwing extremists, bigots, and blowhards will take control of government starting in January, casting a distressing shadow over our future. As the two-party system hits rock bottom, people are waging momentous grassroots struggles outside the political establishment… at Standing Rock, in the Black Lives Matter movement, the Fight for 15, and more. In these emerging political spaces, we can make this breaking point for the establishment a tipping point towards a new politics for people, planet, and peace over profit. Greens have a unique opportunity to help lead the way. From Dreamers and student debtors to pipeline resisters, people are building their voices and power in the streets. Our campaign had the honour to stand with these movements on the frontlines. Together, we can build a powerful force to resist Trump and reclaim power for the people.

Greens emerged stronger than ever from this election… tripling our vote count from 2012, retaining ballot status in a record number of states, gaining countless new chapters, and carrying extraordinary momentum into this year’s local elections season. We can build on the successes of local Greens, from Richmond CA to New Paltz NY, to protect our communities against Trump while cultivating the kind of organisation and defiant leadership that the American people desperately need. We don’t consent to Trump’s régime of hate, fear, and corruption. We’ll oppose oligarchy with democracy. Moreover, we’ll build an unstoppable movement whose time has come, to put people, planet, and peace over profit.

Join us: occupyinauguration.org

Thank you for being the best of 2016.

In gratitude,

Jill Stein

2 January 2017

Jill 2016


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