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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

3 January 2017. Rich Blubber Over Pay Increases… POOR BABIES!

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00 rich man hitting poor man. 26.09.13


Read this. Note well that it’s from Fox News, a pro-oligarch propaganda mouthpiece, not a real news outlet. Listen to the Affluent Effluent poseurs blubber! They’re suffering! They HAVE to raise prices! They HAVE to cut staff! BULLSHIT. The reason that people voted for the pay increase is that the franchises were making big money and there was an unconscionable gap between managers and staff, as far as pay and treatment went (and everyone knew it). Listen to the caterwauling of the well-off. This is the sort of thing that so-called “Pro-Lifers” sympathise with, not with the oppressed workers. That’s why I consider them lower than Republicans are (and Repugs are pretty low). The “Pro-Lifers” line up with the oppressors and aren’t shy about it.

I call that evil… so should you.



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