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Sunday, 5 February 2017

5 February 2017. Vox Pop on Tithing

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I find the following “read n’ heed”… I’d only add that tithing has never been a part of Orthodox churchmanship and it’s been pernicious amongst us. There are priests who refuse the chalice to “non-tithers”. That’s putting a pricetag on the mysteries, and I can imagine nothing more demonic. It puts Christ up for sale. If that doesn’t offend you, then, I’ll say that you need to look at what you call “Christianity”… it just may well not be so Christian after all.



I know the tithing scam isn’t Orthodox, that’s why I said, “Even the Americans who do tithe”. I didn’t want to single out the delusional by name [though I did hint at it]. What I’m trying to say is that most American generosity has motives that benefit the giver in a superficial way. I’m not sure about consumerism, materialism, selfishness, and greed in Canada… but they’re virtues here. You live near the liberal Northwest corner. They’re not as self-consumed, they’re more ideologically consumed, but philanthropic in many regards. Come to the Midwest or the South for a year or so. Even the smiles are fake and have an ulterior motive. The realest Americans are poor. The higher up the socioeconomic ladder you climb, the more boujee Americans are.


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