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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Hero of Russia Marat Radikovich Akhmetshin





Hero of Russia Captain of Artillery Marat Radikovich Akhmetshin

He died in June 2016 during the battle for Palmyra. In the end, it was only him against 200 Daesh terrorists. “Although wounded, he held a grenade and pulled out the pin…”

1 February 2017

Andrei Oleynikov



The Republican Yahoos hate Muslims and accuse them of terrorism. Well… you can respect and honour Donald Trump and his filthy lot who bleat a lot about terrorism or you can respect M R Akhmetshin and those like him who really fight terrorism. I seem to see a real difference here…

For those who believed (and still believe) Hillary Clinton’s shameless lies about Russia and Russians… eat shit and die… I simply won’t engage those who take credence in vacuous nonsense and who refuse to embrace the truth…

One last thing… don’t forget WHO backed and armed Daesh… Obama, Clinton, and their pals in the KSA and Gulf states… note well that Trump and his vultures don’t disown that and they’re not repentant in the least. God DOES see and judge…



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