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Thursday, 9 February 2017

9 February 2017. BREAKING NEWS Famous DNR Commander M S Tolstykh “Givi” Murdered

00 heroism motorola and givi. 06.06.15


Uniate/schismo nationalists (no doubt, acting under Langley’s orders and protection) murdered M S Tolstykh, better known by his callsign “Givi”. Just like in the case of “Motorola” (A S Pavlov), the Uniates and their Langley puppeteers showed their criminality and cowardice… they used a remote-control bomb to kill Givi… it wasn’t in a real mano a mano fight… the Uniate/schismo nationalists (like their Anglo American enablers) are cowardly bullies, who don’t like to mix it up with true standup guys like Motorola and Givi. Mikhail Sergeyevich was an ordinary guy… a truck driver from Ilovaisk. His grit, courage, and fortitude won him acclaim on the battlefield, and the Uniate/Langley pigs couldn’t defeat him. Another hero is gone… the DNR declared three days of mourning. This crime shows the absolute stupidity and cluelessness of Langley and their Uniate stooges. By murdering Motorola and Givi, all that they did was to create martyrs and a focus of unity and determination for the patriot elements. They also showed the base criminality at the base of both the American policy and the Uniate junta. God do preserve us… the USA continues on its mad spree and it still continues to support its protegés in aggression throughout the world. Trump changed NOTHING.

Say a prayer for the departed hero and Servant of God Mikhail… we’re Christians; that’s what we do. Never forget what Langley and its stooges did… never forgive the American Establishment and the Uniate leadership for what they did… we’re decent people; we don’t do things like that. If you needed proof that the American push for global hegemony is evil… this is that. If you needed proof that Uniate “Ukrainian nationalism” is vile and demonic… this is that.

We live in evil times and the centre of that evil is Neoliberal America. Have a care…



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