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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Poroshenko’s Last Chance Saloon

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Ukrainian President P A Poroshenko is playing a desperate poker game in which he’s gambling his political future with an all-out war in Europe. In a scene reminiscent of an old Hollywood B-movie Western, Poroshenko appears like a washed-up gunslinger with a lousy hand of cards, bluffing with empty bravado. However, the difference is that Poroshenko is no gunslinger. This isn’t fiction. It’s grim reality, where lives are suffering from his poker game. He’s a billionaire chocolate oligarch, who along with his cronies in Kiev, have driven their country into ruins. If a war breaks out, these effete self-dealing élites won’t do the fighting. They’ll find some luxury exile from where to spend their embezzled loot. Unless, that is, an international criminal court finds them guilty of crimes against peace… which it should. This so-called president is putting the lives of ordinary poor Ukrainians on the line by inciting a war that has nothing to do with legal or sovereign principles, but which in reality is all about saving the privileges of his ruling cabal.

When the new US President Donald Trump held a cordial phone call with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on 28 January, the Poroshenko régime in Kiev was crestfallen, to say the least. No longer indulged by the Obama administration and former US Vice President Joe Biden in particular, the Kiev cabal feared the worst was in store. That is, that Trump was no longer going to dole out financial and military support under the overblown pretext of defending them against “Russian aggression”. That’s why violence then promptly erupted along the contact line in Novorossiya, between territory held by Kiev junta forces and the opposing Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. Collectively known as the Donbass region, the DNR and LNR refuse to recognise the present Kiev junta, which came to power in February 2014 in a CIA-backed illegal coup d’état against the legitimately elected government of V F Yanukovich.

For nearly two weeks now, the people of the Donbass endured severe artillery shelling by Poroshenko’s forces, targeting Donetsk and surrounding towns. This blitz hasn’t spared apartment blocks, schools, and factories. It cut off whole communities from water and electricity in the dead of winter by Kiev forces deliberately striking civilian infrastructure. By any accounting, the Kiev junta, including President Poroshenko, should face prosecution for war crimes. Undeterred by this insanity, Poroshenko’s ruling circle are doubling down in their criminal onslaught on the Donbass republics.

A non-committal phone call between Trump and Poroshenko last weekend seems to have motivated the last desperate gambit… a full week after Trump’s call to Putin. To the Kiev régime’s horror, Trump said that he would work with all sides, including Putin, to end the conflict in the Ukraine. In other words, Trump was not buying the hackneyed narrative put out by Poroshenko and his clique that their country is being “attacked by Russia” through Donbass proxies. Obviously, the American president was negating that notion by stating that he was ready to work with Putin to end the violence. According to Colonel E A Basurin, a DNR officer, quoted in Fort Russ:

Following the talk between Poroshenko and Trump, the Ukraine will in the near future cease to receive financial and military support for its terrorist operation in the Donbass. In connection with this, the Ukrainian president fell into complete despair, so he’s ready to commit to the most desperate and reckless actions to unleash a full-scale bloody war in Eastern Europe.

To this reckless end, Poroshenko ordered more reinforcements, including conscripts and Neo-Nazi battalions of the Right Sector, up to contact line in Donbass, as well as installing more heavy artillery and Tochka missiles. It is a desperate move by a desperate régime. However, the diabolical shame is that Poroshenko appears ready to ignite an all-out war in Europe as he stakes his political future.

As Basurin and several other observers noted, the offensive prepared by the Kiev junta bears the hallmarks of the 1941 invasion by Nazi Germany and its Ukrainian fascist paramilitaries against the ethnic Russian people of the USSR. Fortunately, so far, Trump isn’t buying Kiev’s preposterous yarn that inverts reality by claiming that Russia is invading the Ukraine. Not even the pliable Western media is credulous enough to go along with that fabrication. Besides, the Kiev régime is so incompetent that they’ve even bragged about “making advances” in the Donbass. Also, the ineffectual Organisation for Cooperation and Security in Europe, which supposedly monitors the 2015 Minsk ceasefire, confirmed that Kiev’s forces are breaching the contact line.

What is becoming clear is the endemic corruption and lawlessness of the Kiev régime headed up by the chocolate tycoon Poroshenko. Its sponsors in Washington, Europe, and the IMF poured billions of dollars into this regime. Nevertheless, the corruption continues, with none of the promised reforms ever delivered. The Americans and Europeans quietly realise that they helped create a monster in Kiev when they backed the coup against an elected government nearly three years ago. That’s why Washington and Berlin, as well as the EU, the IMF, and NATO are all quietly backing away from their erstwhile support for the Kiev cabal. The latter is an insatiable black hole of cronyism and sleaze, which will never get its house in order under the present régime. Whilst Poroshenko and his ilk grew ever-richer over the past three years, most ordinary Ukrainians suffered deeper poverty and misery, with junta dragooning their sons into fighting a senseless criminal war in the Donbass. Hundreds came home in body bags… for what? So that Poroshenko and the illegal junta around him could extort more money from Western capitals.

The level of disillusionment amongst ordinary Ukrainians, as well as the petty rivalry between fascist paramilitaries and would-be oligarchs, means that the Kiev régime is ripe for toppling. Poroshenko knows his days are numbered. In one last desperate gamble from the Last Chance Saloon, he’s willing to ignite an all-out war in the Ukraine. By blaming Russia for “aggression”, he’s trying to force the Trump administration to come to his “rescue”. However, the rescue isn’t really from alleged Russian aggression. Poroshenko and his corrupt régime are actually betting on being rescued from internal collapse due to their own corruption and mismanagement. Some say that billionaire property magnate Trump developed street-wise smarts in having dealt with mafia crime syndicates whilst doing business in New York City over the years. He better use those smarts in dealing with Poroshenko and the Kiev mafia that pretends to be a government. Otherwise, Trump could find a war exploding in Europe… a war that could drag in the USA and Russia.

2 February 2017

Finnian Cunningham

Sputnik International



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