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Sunday, 12 February 2017

The Donbass: Deal-Breaker for the New Détente?

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Kiev’s war in the Donbass heated up right when Presidents Putin and Trump seem ready for a New Détente, leading many to wonder whether this latest conflict is a planned act of geopolitical sabotage. Prior to the latest wave of hostilities, which included Kiev’s shelling of civilians and assassinating patriot leaders, most analysts agreed that Russia and the USA were on the verge of cautiously re-engaging with one another in brainstorming spheres of pragmatic coöperation all across the world. While it’s still very possible for that they might work together to fight Daesh in the Mideast, the upsurge of violence in the Donbass might diminish the prospects that they might end up seeing eye-to-eye in Europe. Remember, the US-backed EuroMaidan coup and spree of urban terrorism in the Ukraine, which preceded the Crimea’s historic reunification with Russia, triggered the New Cold War. Arguably, for the last few years, the Ukraine was the epicentre of European geopolitical dynamics, so it’s no real surprise at its return to its recent role.

However, what’s most disturbing is that Russia and the USA obviously support different sides in the War in the Donbass, with Moscow favouring the People’s Republics whilst Washington provided open military support for Kiev. Unconfirmed rumour alleges that Trump’s position towards Poroshenko will differ from his predecessor’s, although that remains to be seen. Even so, some analysts believe that Kiev is trying to “test” Washington by provoking offensive action in the Donbass to pressure Trump to align with his predecessor’s policies and blindly throw his weight behind Poroshenko. If he does that, then, it might complicate Russian-American efforts to seal a sought-after deal for a New Détente to the New Cold War, which is why some people are fearful that Kiev has laid a trap for the USA through its latest aggression in the Donbass.

Obviously, Trump’s under a lot of heat for his ambitious approach to Russia, and the temperature keeps increasing as more Congressmen call on him to take additional steps to “support” the Ukraine. On the other hand, Russia is wary of any expanded American military presence in the Ukraine, whether through the export of US weapons to the warzone or whatever else the neocons might be conspiring.

11 February 2017

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