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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Pence Offered Uniate Junta Assistance… Trump Is a Russian Hack? I Think NOT

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. The Poroshenko Peace Plan. 2014



This proves the duplicity of Trump’s junta. This not only proves that the Russians aren’t manipulating Trump; it proves that the Trump cabal wants to implement Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy. All those Russian Orthodox people here who voted for Trump voted to murder the children of their compatriots in the Peoples Republics in the Donbass… Pence’s statement is proof of that. It also proves that all the Democratic Establishment caterwauling about “Russian interference” is sheer bullshit and no decent person can believe it. The USA’s Ruling Establishment is a monster. The world must put it down or face the Long Night. God preserve us.



On Saturday, the White House said US Vice President Mike Pence held a meeting during the Munich Security Conference in Germany with Ukrainian President P A Poroshenko; they discussed the Ukrainian conflict and how the USA can support efforts to settle the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Pence and Poroshenko voiced their concern over the recent flare-up in fighting in the Donbass and demanded that all hostilities stop at once. The White House statement said:

The Vice President expressed concern about the recent surge in violence in the eastern Ukraine, and the leaders agreed on the need for an immediate comprehensive ceasefire.

At the end of the talks, Pence and Poroshenko called the Minsk agreements the cornerstone to settle the crisis. They also discussed Washington’s participation in negotiations. The White House release noted:

The Vice President expressed US support for the full implementation of the Minsk agreements to bring peace to the eastern Ukraine, and the leaders discussed how the USA can support negotiations.

Pence also commended the Ukraine’s progress on political reforms. The statement:

[A]ffirmed the importance of further reforms to transform the Ukraine into a secure, prosperous, European country for all its citizens.

Earlier, Poroshenko said that Pence reaffirmed US support of Kiev and named Crimea’s return a priority for the US administration in its relations with the Ukraine.

18 February 2017

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The crackbrained “conservatives” are fond of telling us that women are unsuitable to face the rigours of combat. I’d submit that the story of Milunka Savić debunks that rightwing fable. She fought in the Balkan Wars and the First World War, and won many decorations, including foreign ones, for her bravery. Yes… this may only apply to only some women… but that cohort should have the right to fight (indeed, there are many women fighting in the patriot forces in the Donbass against the Uniate fascist aggressors today).

Oppose all lunatic rightwingers (especially, “libertarians” and so-called “paleocons”) wherever you may find them. They’re ravening enemies of decency, humanity, and true spirituality. No good can come of any “dialogue” with such sorts. They’ve chosen to follow a monstrous ideology (Libertarianism in particular and “conservatism” in general put too much trust in the basic goodness and perfectibility of mankind). Trust me, you and I can’t change that. We can only wait and hope for the best.


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