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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

1 March 2017. How to Make MEANINGFUL Budget Cuts



The Clintons are rich… they don’t need Uncle Sugar’s “pittance”. Trump is rich… or, at least, he claims that he is. Let’s take him at his word! He doesn’t need Uncle Sugar’s pittance either. Since Trump is so rich, we can also make him pay for his family’s gallivanting and he can pay for his own golf trips. the same goes for the fatcats sitting in Congress. Most of ’em are of the Affluent Effluent (if they’re not, they soon steal enough to be such). Fair is fair. We can’t have any lazy sods sucking on the public teat, can we? Simply apply their own standards to these creepo supremos and watch ’em squirm… after all, they did fail the “needs test”, didn’t they? The last president who needed Uncle Sugar’s pension was General Eisenhower… Ike spent his life in public service and didn’t have a pile. The rest of ’em? Not a one is up against it. Cut ’em off and save the taxpayer some money.

Now, that’s MEANINGFUL budget cutting…



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