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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

KPRF Gosduma Deputy Kalashnikov: “Aid the DNR to Liberate Everything Up to Odessa”


KPRF Gosduma Deputy L I Kalashnikov was on the talk-show Воскресный вечер (Voskresny vecher: Sunday Night):

We should round-up all war criminals in the Ukraine up to President Poroshenko and give them all a fair trial. I’m sure Mariupol also will secede, as will Kharkov and Zaporozhye, too. When they tell me, “Russia shouldn’t be there, no, it shouldn’t… we shouldn’t go there”. I’ll tell you, man-to-man, not as a deputy… we should be there. Why, in Panama, the Americans removed Ortega and threw him in the slam, they didn’t hesitate. Today, the USA is already in the Ukraine, in Asia, and elsewhere; it didn’t hesitate to nick our citizen Bout in Thailand and put him in the slam… we just watched them do it. We must go in there and nab Poroshenko… we have a legit criminal case against those who cut down our people, burned them like in the ovens at Auschwitz at the Odessa Dom Profsoyuzov. Why should we wait for a Ukrainian court to act? No! We shouldn’t! My constant thought is, “Why should we make such excuses as, ‘The Ukraine isn’t ours, it’s a foreign state’”. Well, Panama was a foreign state and Mexico was a foreign state, but the Americans weren’t afraid to act there, so, why are we hesitating? Of course, the President can’t say this; Peskov can’t say this… but I must say that we aren’t fools. Our people want us to go there; it’s our kinsmen in the Donbass. We need to intervene to aid the DNR to liberate everything up to Odessa and make the Ukraine normal again.

6 March 2017




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