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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

War Pigs Budget Goes Up… Where are the Sanders Democrats?


Is it me or has there been a deafening silence from Democrats related to Trumps proposal to increase military spending by 10 percent? If my question is true, might it be because this militant party of the people doesn’t want to be on record opposing increase military spending? If there is stuff out there, please point me to it. I’m especially interested in what the Sanders wing is saying.

6 March 2017

Ajamu Baraka



Bear in mind that a great deal of the American defence budget is corruption… the US Congress profits mightily from every contract. In fact, I’d say that corruption in the US defence budget is the worst in the world… the US Congress has been the world standard for corruption since the time of Mark Twain. That is, much of the defence budget isn’t for defence at all… it’s for open boodle, overpriced munitions, and bloated costs to move forces to theatres far-removed from the CONUS.

Russia’s getting far more “bang for the buck”… but then again, it’s concentrating on the only war worth fighting… the defence of the motherland. We’d do well to emulate them and do likewise…


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