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Thursday, 9 March 2017

9 March 2017. They Both Have Agendas… Have a Care…


Both Chilly Hilly and Trump the Chump have agendas… both have told WHOPPERS in the past… both have skeletons in their closets… both love power and would do ANYTHING to secure it. If you weigh that in the balance, why are you believing the horse hockey about “Russian hacking” and “Russian interference in the election?” I’d observe that those making such observations aren’t only not the most honest people out there, they have much to hide. I’d take a second look at the accusers (both Dems and Repugs, both “conservatives” and “liberals”)… I think that we’d find something out… it wouldn’t be anything about “Russian meddling”. I do dare say that the malfeasance is local and that the perps are those making the accusations.

I’m not alone in thinking this way…


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