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Saturday, 11 March 2017

11 March 2017. If Giving is Good… Why Did You Vote Republican?


It’s clear… all traditional religions teach that giving is good and that greed is bad. Therefore, why did you vote Republican? Their credo is “Greed is Good”. Therefore, no moral or decent person can vote for such a faction (the neoliberal Clinton Dems are just as feral and evil, kids). However, the Dems do toss the occasional bone to the masses… the Repugs make no such gestures. It’s “All power to the rich and everyone else be damned!” The swamp isn’t being drained… the swamp is expanding and Trump’s handing it all over to the oligarchs. It won’t be long, but the Trump Era will usher in a reaction… already, many young people are reaching the conclusion that “Socialism is good”. The rich had best party hearty now… their paradise won’t long for long (although it’ll be long enough to hurt millions).

They’ll blame everyone but themselves… and call those who remove them “terrorists”. I think that I’ve heard that one before…


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